Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back to the Grind...

It is weird to say that we are back in Iowa and back to our regular routine.  Knowing that we could have been in Cincinnati and Birk would be undergoing a life changing operation/recovery.  We know its still around the corner and we pray and are working very hard to keep him as healthy as possible.  We are excited/overwhelmed/scared etc.  again.  The same emotions we've been feeling for quite some time.

What we are doing is enjoying this time.  The kids have been SO HAPPY since we got home.  They are playing together and loving every second of their time together.  This is a blessing to us.  Watching the two of them have fun and demonstrate that they truly are BEST FRIENDS is amazing to me!

Here is a brief video from our drive home on Tuesday.  We were singing and playing in our "band."

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