Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Too many cooks...

I love doctors.  I love how they save lives.  I love that they have saved the lives of the two people who mean the most to me.  With that said however, I'm stuck in a spot where I'm dealing with too many.  We have the doctors in Cincinnati telling us to do one thing, but not seeing him daily like we do.  We have our pediatrician who is hands down the best doctor around, and then we've got the nurse practitioners, the nurses and anyone else telling us what we "should" be doing.

We started Birk on a 5 day stint with Steroids again to see if that can get rid of whatever inflammation is in there.  The trouble is we won't know if it is officially gone until we are back in Cincinnati.  Because of that we are watching other signs.  His level of secretions, his cough, his breaths per minute.  Man. This. is. Overwhelming.

My kids are doing great with it.  We are pretty much stuck in the house the majority of the time.  I avoid at all costs taking them anywhere that might expose them to germs.  We have to screen each person that comes to our house or wants to see us.  (THANKS to those that have been understanding and have shown us support during this).  In fact, Birk must be so starved to get out of the house he ran to the door screaming "Bye Bye" when we went to the doctor today.  :-)

2 more weeks.  2 MORE WEEKS!  We've got to keep him healthy, work to get rid of this inflammation and prepare him for surgery!!  Deep breath for me.  I just keep telling myself "We can do this. Short term loss, long term gain!"

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