Monday, November 14, 2011

Conversation with a 2 year old

So today I decided to have a conversation with Addy and I thought to myself, I will document this.  Here is how it went.

Mom:  "Addy, want to visit?"
Addy: "Not really.  Want to color."
Mom:  "Um, sure.  Can we visit while we color?"
Addy:  "I guess.  Can we have strawberry milk?"
Mom:  "Not until Dinner.  Ok?"
Addy:  "ok."
Mom: "Addy, what's your favorite color?"
Addy. "Pink.  Birky loves yellow and green."
Mom: "Great, so you love pink.  What is your favorite food."
Addy:  "Pink meat."
Mom:  "Really?  You like pink meat?"  " Is that good for you?"
Addy:  "Um, yeah pink.  I like pink princesses, pink milk, pink crayons and pink jammies."
Mom:  "Oh, ok.  What else do you want to talk about?"
Addy:  "Mommy, I just want to color.  I don't want to talk."
Mom:  "Oh, ok.   Can I have the blue crayon?"

So, as you can see...Chatting was not her thing today.  :-)

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