Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7th is here

What a surreal day!  We've waited this long for the day to come, and we've hoped and prayed he would be ready...and he is.

After our initial visit with the Anesthesiologist wasn't quite sure he was comfortable. He heard some minor weeze.  We did an albuterol treatment and then suctioned him again and he sounded better.  The final listen in the OR turned out that he sounded great and he felt a lot better!!!  :-)

We just said gave our mooches, did (what we hope to be) our final suction and left him with the team in the OR.  Birk fell asleep in my arms before we even got to the OR (so getting him ready for surgery was fairly easy).  My little man is now going through a procedure that will hopefully change his life for the better!  We were told we will be getting updates every few hours.

More updated to come!

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