Monday, November 21, 2011

Manners...or something like it!

So we are the proud parents of two very polite little toddles.

For example, read on....

Birk:  (sounding very cruddy and needing a suction)
Nick:  "Birk, do you need a suction?"
Birk:  "NOPE.  Well, yeah."  "Daddy, suction please?
Me:  "Huh?  Who asks for a suction w/ a please?"


Addy: (singing her favorite song these days). "It all about me, myself and I.  I do, I do, I do do do do do do...."
Me:  "Addy, what are you singing?"
Addy: "My Aunt Whitney's song."
Me:  "Isn't that a Colbie Caillet song?"
Addy:  "I really don't think so Mommy.  Aunt Whitney was singing it."
Me:  "Makes sense."


Nick: "Come here, I'm gonna get you.  I'm gonna hug you."
Addy:  "Too tight Daddy."
Nick:  "What?"

Birk:  "That's a basketball over there, right Dad?"
Nick:  "Yes, son it is."

That is just a small example of what it is like on NE 51st street in Ankeny!  

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