Tuesday, November 1, 2011

T minus 6 days...

Until a day will change our lives!  We are still working very hard at keeping the kids as healthy as possible.  For me, I'm honestly up most of the night listening to the monitor, checking on him and just saying prayer after prayer that our sweet boy will keep the germs away and be ready for that 9 hour drive and what lies in front of us on Monday.

I read some wonderful success stories on the Cincinnati Children's website.  One struck a chord with me.  A young little boy who was born early, had tissue built up in his airway....travels 9 hours to get to the hospital, had the same team of doctors...and had tremendous success with his reconstruction and now lives a normal life and is a very happy and active little guy. What a refreshing thing to hear as we head into Birk's surgery!  What a great God we serve that allows individuals to have the knowledge, wisdom and drive to do this for young children so that they can lead better lives!  :-)  I'm amazed and stand in awe.

So, the countdown will hopefully continue.  We pray for health!  We pray for strength and we pray for healing!

Welcome to November!

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