Saturday, November 5, 2011

Here we go

So, bags are packed, bills are paid, house is clean (as clean as it will get), rooms are reserved, plans are made....only thing left is to get in the car and go!  We're headed to NE Iowa today and then leave bright and early tomorrow morning.  We're hoping to get into Cincinnati at a decent hour tomorrow night so we can have some dinner and do some playing.

We've spent some time reflecting these past few days.  It seems strange, but I've felt sad at the last Trache change, the last bath with a Trache, the last night in his crib with a Trache and soon to be the last suction/last day etc.  (you get the idea).  These past 2 1/2 years have gone so quickly and have been wonderful and I don't think we'd ask for it to be any different.  I remember that day and the feelings we felt "can we do this?"  "our life will NEVER be the same."  And we were right.  Our life was changed.  Birk has proven to be stronger than we ever thought.  He has proven most people wrong by talking, walking and being totally normal...just with a Trache.

We've gotten to the moment we've waited for.  Our next journey begins today!  :-)

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