Saturday, November 26, 2011


It's funny how an afternoon away with your husband can make you feel very renewed again.  We have had a great weekend (although low key ...) so far.  Friday night we grabbed some Chicken Nuggets (at Birk's request) and drove to Jolly Holiday lights.  After living in the Des Moines area for many years Nick had never been.  The kids loved it and we're actually a little sad when it ended.  :-(

We then decided to drive past our old house.  It was a bit sad, but exciting at the same time that we are now living in a much larger more beautiful home.  It was fun to see the changes that the new owners have made.  In fact as we drove by we saw football on their TV through the window.  That made me smile as I know someone is really taking care of and loving that house like we did.  In fact the new owners have replaced the roof, and fenced in the LARGE yard.  It looked great.

Today my sister and my mom came to watch the twins so that Nick and I could go see Wicked at the Civic Center.  We grabbed some dinner, a few beers and then went to the show.  It was so much fun...

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