Sunday, November 27, 2011

I must admit!!!

How much I LOVE CRAIG.  It's true.  I can't keep it a secret any longer.

I LOVE CRAIGSLIST.  I check it every day.

So, here is how today rolled out.  We all got up.  We didn't go to church as we don't get to go anymore until after B's surgery.  I got some breakfast ready, put on DORA and had Birk plop down in his bean bag chair so we could do his morning breathing treatments.  We got the first one started which takes about 25 minutes or so.  I started to smell something funny, but didn't think anything of it.  I put the 2nd vile in the machine and started it up.  I did notice that the machine was VERY hot, but again didn't think anything of it.  Started the 2nd treatment which lasts about 15 minutes.  By this time I'm REALLY smelling something weird.  About 10 minutes into the treatment the machine just shuts off.  I put my hand on it and it is so hot I feel like I've burned my hand.  I try to unplug it and check it out.  I take it into the kitchen to try and cool it off (and save the carpet so it doesn't burn).  Long story short the NEBULIZER IS TOAST.  IT IS A GONER!

Well the issue is that it is a Sunday, we NEED a nebulizer for his evening treatment and I'm stuck.  I called our pediatrician and left him a voicemail on his personal cell phone.  When I hadn't heard back from him by about 3pm I started to panic.  I decided that I would take a look at Craigslist and see if anyone was selling one.  I found 2.  One in Bondurant for about $100 and one in Urbandale for $30.  Naturally being my mothers daughter I wrote to the Urbandale people.  Good news is she wrote back.  Her nebulizer was in perfect condition, only used a few times, and she sold it to us.

It worked great tonight for his treatment and I'm so thankful.  Plus, it was a great bargain.

So, CHEERS to great deals and to Craigslist.

Off to find more bargains!  :-)

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