Monday, November 7, 2011

Where to even begin

The shock is over.  The tears are gone.  We've gotten to the point that we've accepted the fact that we are not going home this time with a trache free child.

The ENT was not happy with the way his airway looked today.  His exact words were something like "its red and angry."  However, later after talking to the Pulminologist they decided that it wasn't 'as bad' as we were originally told.  What my fear was that it would be the same issue w/ scheduling that we had in the beginning.  However, as we were getting settled in (for what we thought was an overnight visit) the scheduling office called and told us we would be returning for a surgery on December 8th.  So, at least its on he books.  :-)  Bad/not horrible news is that we will now be spending Christmas in Cincinnati.  We have been told how wonderful it is for the kids.  Just means we won't have our Christmas traditions like we normally do.  However, for the ultimate will be worth it!

So, I sign out. I'm exhausted.  I'm sad.  I'm happy Birk is happy.  I'm not looking forward to the ride.  I'm still faithful and strong.  I know God will do what is right for my boy.  God is good.

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