Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who would have guessed it?!?!

I actually enjoy cooking....from scratch.  Since we've been stuck day in and day out in the house with little time to get out (notice my excitement level has dropped a bit) I've spent some time reading some cook books and actually cooking for my family.  And get this...it isn't out of a box or ordered!?!  I'm actually having fun too.  I've prepared a whole chicken (and then some chicken salad w/ the left overs), homemade pizza (w/o the store bought crust), homemade cookies (monster cookies), breakfast casserole, grilled chicken stuffed burritos and a few others dishes.  I'm also really discovering the massive number of soups and things I can cook in my crock pot.  :-)   Yeah!

I'll also add I've found a new love for my treadmill with all my latest cooking adventures!  :-)

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