Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pity party is over....

I woke up this morning and decided that I needed to stop worrying about things that are out of my control.  I need to be MORE THAN HAPPY that they are so cautious with my little man.  I need to respect God's ultimate plan and stop telling him what I think needs to happen.  So I decided I would try a fun blog post today.  I've read these before from other blogs I follow and I always enjoy reading them.  If you care to learn a little about our on!  :-)

50 Robertson Facts

50.   We are a house divided.  
49.  We've even recruited the kids to divide.
48. We love Florida.  Most specifically we love DISNEY!  
47.  We watch Dora EVERYDAY!  
46.  Birk is a master at baseball, football and Daddy Jungle Gym time!
45.  Addy writes a song about everything she does in a day.  My favorites are at meal time.
44.  Nick taught himself to play guitar at the age of 18.  How impressive in my book. 
43.  I love to sing.  I don't do it much, but it always makes me happy.
42.  There is something so exciting about spending a Fall Saturday in a parking lot with a burger and a beer.
41.  Our extended families are the most important people in our lives.  
40.  We love Diet Mountain Dew fountain pop.  We don't take road trips w/o it. 
39.  I never thought I could be a mother to a Trache child.  I didn't think I had it in me.
38.  Nick has been the rock of this family.  Keeping a level head and always stepping in to help.
37.  I love the color green.  Only fitting my kids were born on St. Patricks Day.
36.  Nick would say the scariest day of his life was 3-17-09.  The day the twins were born.
35.  I would say the scariest day was when I found Birk not breathing on 7-11-09.  
34.  I love being an Aunt.  Best job right behind Mommy.  
33.  Our Church family is so important to us.  We couldn't be more blessed.
32.  We LOVE the Biggest Loser.  Tuesday nights are very important to us in this house.  :-)
31.  Just Dance on the Wii is awesome.  
30.  We quote movies a lot.  
29.  Birk's favorite food is Chicken Nuggets, Mac -n-Cheese.
28.  Addy's favorite food is pizza w/ green beans.
27.  My favorite meal is Sushi and a beer.
26.  Nick's favorite meal would be the same. 
25.  I can't stand pickles.  
24.  I love to run.  I especially love to run in races.  
23.  We have fabulous neighbors.  We are so lucky. 
22.  We color a lot in our house.  We have a bucket of about 1000 crayons.  It is so much fun!  
21.  I'm addicted to Scentsy Wick-less candles.  
20.  I am a stress eater.  (so you can imagine how the last week of my life has been on my diet). 
19.  I love reading People magazine.  Nick loves reading his guitar magazines.  
18.  Sunday morning worship is one of our favorite places to be.
17.  I always overpack our family for any trips that we take.  :-)
16.  I love Christmas.  I would put our Christmas tree up after Halloween every year if my husband would let me. 
15.  In our house M&M's are helping us learn out colors!
16.  November 20th is the day my grandfather died many years ago.  That is also my anniversary.  My dad told me that "I turned a bad day into a good day."  I'll never forget that. 
15.  The best sound in the world is a child's laughter.
14.  Grilled Cheese and tomato soup on a cold day might be the meal.  
13.  French fries are a staple in our house.
12.  For my 30th birthday we went to Florida and met Kenny Rogers.  Great birthday!
11.  This list has taken me almost 3 hours to complete.  I never thought it would be this hard.
10.  I've lived close to a Dairy Queen my whole life, until now!  :-( 
9.  We love heading back up to North East Iowa.  It just feels like home when we are there. 
8.  Addy loves anything pink.  She needs to eat on pink plates, use pink silverware and if she could wants pink food. 
7.  Birk could care less as long as they are his favorites (see # 29).
6.  I check Craigslist everyday.  I'm not buying anything in particular.  Just love looking.  
5.  Nick is obsessed with Fantasy football and Fantasy baseball.  Me....not so much.
4.  Friends are so important to us.
3.  We were best friends before we got married.
2.  We pray before every meal in this house.
1.  We have a strong faith in God.  He has been with us through many MANY challenging times.  He has proven to us over and over again to keep the faith and live in Grace.  

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